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“Capturing the natural beauty of my home, the Hawaiian Islands has become my life’s pursuit and sharing these images gives me great personal joy. Weather it be the delicate contours and color of a flower or a scenic view that explodes in a moment of perfect natural lighting it is all from heart and love for Hawaii."

Aloha, Melody

Moments in Time Captured Forever

The Halms Enterprise Story -- It All Began with a Handshake ... From a small location on Liliha Street, Park's Brand Products began production in 1985 under its new owner, Mike Irish, a Korean/Haole local boy. The Park family had an established Korean sauce and products company that was popular among the Hawaiian local community. As production increased, Mike was soon approached by Halms, another family company that wanted their product perpetuated. Thus began the trend and the real story of Halms Enterprise. As a businessman, Mike was driven to succeed. Many of the local products that the people of Hawaii had grown up with, were run by family owned businesses, and most of the family members had grown and moved on to other things. These families, one by one, began approaching Mike, to hopefully sell their business and perpetuate their products. Keeping the recipes and flavors intact were a top priority, and today, over 60% of the kim chee and pickled vegetable market is provided by Halms Enterprise. Our brands include Halms Kim Chee, Kohala Kim Chee, High Max Kim Chee, Kewalo Pickle, Koko, Waimea Takuwan and A-1 Products. These items line the shelves of our supermarkets here in Hawaii. Our BBQ and Teriyaki sauces by Man Nani, Park's Brand Products and Hawaiian Pride are excellent, as well as our Taegu, Kim Chee Sauce, Ko Choo Jang and Hawaiian Chili Water. Today, Halms Enterprise shares a large facility with its sister companies, Keoki's Laulau and Diamond Head Seafood and is still providing many of the unique flavors of Hawaii. And to think, this all began with a trusting handshake.>

Quality Craftmanship

Each image is printed by a professional lab using the highest quality photo paper and equipment. That artwork is then adhered to a ceramic tile and sealed with an acrylic finish that preserves the photograph indefinitely, protecting it from normal heat and abrasions without discoloration. Unlike sublimation or other low quality reproduction processes, our patented finishing process maintains the color and beauty of the original image. The image tile is then inlaid onto a finely crafted music or keepsake box. Each box is made of deep grained hard wood with a high-gloss cherry finish. This finishing process is completed in the US by our skilled craftsmen.